NBA Scores

The National Basketball Association is the world’s premier basketball competition. Since 1946 teams from across the USA and Canada have battled it out for the Championship trophy – the top prize in club basketball.

Basketball and the NBA are becoming increasingly popular with punters who can place wagers on individual matches, season bets or special markets on individual players. With the ultimate NBA finals winner potentially playing over a hundred matches over the course of a season there are literally thousands of betting opportunities available on this exciting sport.

The internet has also brought the latest NBA news and scores within easy reach of punters all over the world and so it is now simple to access all the NBA results, news and views online.


The sport was first played in 1892 and since then has developed into one of America’s most popular sports. NBA basketball matches are split into four quarters of twelve minutes each and each team is made up of around twelve players of which five can be on the court at any one time.

Teams score points by shooting the ball through the basket. For shots from outside the “three point line” (the D-shaped arc at each end of the court) a team scores three points. Successful shots from within the three point line are worth two points and free throws (awarded for fouls and violations) are worth one point. The team with the most points at the end of the fourth quarter wins the match.

History of the NBA

The NBA was formed in 1946 with the first NBA Finals being held in 1947, won by the Philadelphia Warriors. The competition has expended gradually since then and now features thirty teams (twenty nine from the USA and one from Canada).

In line with many American sports the NBA works on a “franchise” basis which means that teams often change location and are replaced by other teams. For example, the Buffalo Braves were founded in 1970, became the San Diego Clippers in 1978 and then the Los Angeles Clippers in 1984.

Structure of the NBA

The NBA separates its thirty members into the Eastern and Western Conferences based on geography. Each conference is then split into three “divisions” (Pacific, Southwest etc). Each team plays eighty two matches over the course of the season including at least two matches against every other team.

The regular season runs from November to April and at the end of the eighty two matches the top eight teams from each Conference go through to the NBA play-offs.

The regular season offers punters many opportunities for betting as there are literally hundreds of matches. Match betting and “margin of victory” markets are generally available online and so punters have the chance to place wagers on whichever match they wish.

Coverage of the NBA season is also extremely good due to the popularity of the sport worldwide. NBA scores can be found in highlights packages and also online on bookmaker’s sites or on dedicated sports websites the world over.

This blanket coverage of NBA and the ease of finding NBA scores are also vital to punters as it gives them all the research they need on form, scoring and results at the click of a mouse button.

The NBA post season

The post season NBA Play-Offs are seeded based on the regular season performance of the sixteen qualifying teams. The teams then meet in a series of “best of seven” matches with the higher seeded team benefiting from home advantage in four of the seven matches.

The first team to win four matches in each round progress through the play-offs until there are just two teams remaining and they are crowned the Eastern and Western Conference Champions.

The two Conference champions then meet in the NBA Finals. This is another “best of seven” series and sees prime time coverage on TV networks around the world. Many markets are available to punters including outright and match betting in addition to individual player markets such as who will be awarded the MVP (most valuable player) award during the Finals series.

The NBA Finals winners are awarded the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy and each member of the team (including coach and manager) receive a championship ring.

The Los Angeles Lakers have dominated basketball in recent years winning four of the last ten NBA Finals. They are the current NBA Champions having defeated Orlando Magic 4-1 in the 2009 Championship round.

The developments in internet betting and sports coverage have benefited punters greatly particularly in sports such as basketball. Online betting is now widely available on a huge range of NBA matches and NBA scores are easy to find at the click of a button from many sports websites. Basketball remains one of the most exciting sports around and there are some great profits to be had through careful research and keeping abreast of all the latest NBA scores and news.